Coffee Nightwolf Blend
Coffee Nightwolf Blend

Coffee Nightwolf Blend

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Organic coffee. Whole Bean. Roasted and packaged in the USA. The blend is a Mexican Chiapas and Costa Rican Tarrazu. It is a medium roast.This coffee is smooth with low acidity and notes of chocolate, peanut butter, and hazelnut. Roasted and packaged in the United States.

"Swords from Plowshares, Wolves from Sheep, Eyes Wide Open, We are Not Asleep". Wake up and smell the coffee has a new meaning when you drink our Nightwolf blend. Do you want to know what wolves drink in order to stay awake, well this is it! Drink, reflect, take action, change! You get a wolf sticker with every purchase.

Our Nightwolf coffee comes out of the books of Herman Hesse's book called Steppenwolf. Hesse's protagonist is more dead than alive. He is a man caught in cultural and spiritual malaise. Haller goes through a profound crisis during the 1920s and lives away from the public.

There are two warring souls fighting within him, one is the beast known as the wolf and the other is the law abiding man. Haller is disgusted with modern European culture. He loses everything: his family, his home, his job.  This artwork represents the protagonist's split between his humanity and his wolf-like aggression. Our take on it is modern man's conflict between being too much of a "sheep" and not enough of the "wolf." The wolf carries a rifle and a grenade. He is ready to battle and he has no desire to capitulate and become soft and without standards like the culture around him. Our Steppenwolf is a fighter. The sheep represents mindless man and culture too willing to please everyone instead of drawing a line in the sand and defending his ground. The sheep holds a sickle and an olive branch. Man is too willing to be humane when he should be more aggressive. He needs to be a wolf! 

"Every man lives confusedly in darkness until he is willing to enter into light by exiting the womb of his life and leaves the safety of that environment. He has to make mistakes, he has to take chances, he has to be willing to be cut down by critics and applauded by praisers even at times ignoring what they say, while he finds out for himself what is true and false, and even then he'll never really know a thing until he leaves comfort behind. He must disregard everything told to him in all the safe passages he's traveled, and those tubes and tunnels. It's only when he's free of 'back there' will he understand what he left behind.

Men will always be strangers to one another and themselves unless each learns by trail and error and ascertains the truth, that what he believed was only theory, and until he applied it he was but a theorist and not a realist. Truth has a way of cutting through nonsense. He must make his bones, and sometimes he must pay some very big dues, but in the end he'll know truth. What he knew before may have been right but it wasn't until he questioned it, and applied it will it sink in and make sense.

The cause of any man's confusion is that he never found himself but finding means searching, and a halfhearted attempt often comes from halfhearted men who in the end are just kidding themselves."~Michael Kurcina 

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