K9-TECC Level I

K9-TECC Level I

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K9-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Location: Panthera Training, West Virginia, 2506 Fish Pond Rd, Old Fields, WV 26845


Come and train with Tier 1 instructors. 

K911-Primacy is about stopping the dying at the point of injury so you can deliver a viable K9 patient to a qualified veterinarian.

No veterinarian, no matter how good, can bring your best friend back to life once they've bled out.

No previous medical training required. 
 Our curriculum was developed by the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) for use by special operations forces (SOF) currently deployed around the world.  Pioneered from the ground up by JSOC veterinarians and delivered at all levels from veterinarian surgical specialists to the most basic of military K9 handlers, this curriculum is based on battlefield proven solutions and focuses on real-world injury patterns.  K911 has further adapted the curriculum to include injury patterns and life-saving interventions necessary to protect public safety working K9s.  This curriculum does not require previous first aid or medical training and is not intended as an in-depth exploration into medical theory.

You'll Learn:

  • Immediate Interventions for K9 Gunshots, Stab Wounds, Impalement, & Shrapnel wounds
  • How to recognize life-threatening internal damage from blunt trauma and how to intervene
  • How to decontaminate your K9 after an exposure to dangerous chemicals, poisons or weapons of mass destruction.
  • Strategies for wounded handler/ wounded K9
  • Prevention & treatment for K9 Heat injuries
  • K9 CPR
             & much, much, more!
Course Length: 5 hours
Price Includes K9 First Aid Kit (K9-FAK)