K9-TECC Level II

K9-TECC Level II

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K9-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Location: Panthera Training, West Virginia, 2506 Fish Pond Rd, Old Fields, WV 26845


Come and train with Tier 1 instructors.

K911-Advanced builds upon the skills learned in K911-Primacy and is designed for extreme adventurers and professional responders who may find themselves in harms way from natural or man-made disasters, extreme sports, austere environments, or who simply want advanced skills. This course is presented by former Special Forces and veteran tactical paramedics. This course also covers how to plan for, respond to and recover from incidents and events involving or utilizing working K9s.

You'll Learn:

- Human vs. K9 triage
- K9-TCCC/K9-TECC principals 

(K9-Tactical Combat Casualty Care/K9-Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)
- Advanced Medical Interventions 
(to include chest decompression, Bloat decompression, surgical airways, etc.)
- Advanced Field Medical Kits
- Incident Management using K9 assets
- Emergent Transport Considerations & Destination Policies
- Restrain & Move a Wounded K9
- Advanced K9 Heat Injuries Treatments
- K9 Medical Support Equipment 
- Pre-Mission K9 Medical Support to extend K9 resiliency during tactical operations

Prerequisite: K911-Primacy​

Class Length: 10 hours
Price includes an advanced K9-First Aid Kit.

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