Israeli K9 Immersion

Israeli K9 Immersion

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Location: Panthera Training, West Virginia, 2506 Fish Pond Rd, Old Fields, WV 26845


Come and train with Tier 1 instructors.

This 10-day full-immersion course is unparalleled in scope and experience.

Participants are paired with K9 handlers in various roles throughout Israel.  You will train with active explosive detection, search and rescue, tracking and apprehension and contraband detection K9 teams.

Beginning with courses in the Israeli comprehensive homeland security model, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how Israel protects its critical infrastructure and the roles that working K9s play in the protection of this nation.  Along with tours of historic sites, course participants will receive an unprecedented behind the scenes look into a system that integrates, protects and relies on working K9s.

Price includes travel, meals and hotel expenses.
​10-day Course
*Includes all course fees, airfare, lodging and two meals per day.

Required Prerequisites:  K911-Advanced, ICS-200
Recommended Prerequisites: ICS-300, ICS-400