Night Fighter Course

Night Fighter Course

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2 day course in low light/no light gun-fighting 

Specialized equipment is required (Night vision/IR )

2 Day Seminar 

Location: Panthera Training, West Virginia, 2506 Fish Pond Rd, Old Fields, WV 26845


Come and train with Tier 1 instructors. 

This 2 day class provides the client with an understanding of night vision operation and use. They will have the tools for learning to safely shoot and move in a low-light or no-light environment. Clients will participate in a variety of movement, shooting, and range drills designed to produce a confident shooter with night vision goggles, lasers, and white light.

Topics will include:

  • Setting up/zeroing lasers and NVG's 

  • Engaging targets at various ranges with proper laser hold off.

  • Alternate shooting positions

  • Low light shooting

  • Shooting around barricades

  • Understanding visible light and UV light discipline

  • Engaging multiple targets in depth and distance