Environclean FA Firearm Cleaner Ogre Mfg LLC

Environclean FA Firearm Cleaner Ogre Mfg LLC

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Keep your firearms working their best with high quality Enviroclean FA from Ogre Manufacturing. Whether it's cleaning your rifle or shotgun after a day in the field or looking to protect a hand gun for storage, Enviroclean FA is the solvent for you.

Today's environmental concerns have brought big changes to gun cleaning because many of the chemicals that were successful in cleaning guns in the past are now known to be harmful to the user or to the environment. Enviroclean FA is safe for the environment, safer for the shooter to use, and is virtually odor free. This allows you to clean your gun anywhere, anytime, without the noxious fumes that most cleaners leave behind.

  • Low Odor
  • Biodegradable
  • Flash Point > 200°F
  • Used by Law Enforcement
  • Cleans and Lubricates in one Easy Step
  • Contains no water, ammonia or detergents

Enviroclean FA has been successful in removing gunshot residue, burnt powder, lead, copper, plastic fouling and rust on all levels of firearms from single or double action to semi automatic and automatic firearms. Enviroclean FA even makes cleaning black powder simply and easy. While any gun owner or hunter can use Enviroclean FA, many law enforcement agencies are now using this cleaner on a regular basis for their firearms. Enviroclean FA makes it easy to thoroughly clean any gun you own.


Enviroclean FA is biodegradable and is considered non hazardous under DOT regulations. With a flash point greater than 200°F (93°C), Enviroclean FA is safer to use than conventional firearm cleaning solvents such as kerosene, acetone, xylene, toluene and isopropyl alcohol. 

Analysis of Enviroclean from S-F Analytical Laboratories, INC.


Ogre Manufacturing. LLC
231 S. 79th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214
December 26, 2006

Biodegradability - Eviroclean FA

A sample of Gun Solvent identified as Ogre Enviroclean FA was received for determination of whether it met the requirement for biodegradability according to ISO 10707.

The criterion for passing or failing the test according to ISO 10707 is that the product must achieve 60% Biodegradation within 10 days of the time that it first reaches 10% Biodegradation. The 100% mark for Biodegradation is taken to be the COD (Chemical Oxidation Demand). The Biodegradation is measured as the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). It is desired,therefore that the time at which the BOD equals 10% of the COD be found and that the BOD will reach 60% of the COD within 10 days of that time.

COD's were run on the three dilutions of the material and the average was taken as the base COD figure. Three BOD series' were set up and run to evaluate the rate of degradation. These were ready daily for the first five days and then at two day intervals. There was a one day "incubation" period before any degradation was measurable, but it then proceeded rapidly. The 10% degradation level was reached at an interpolated time of 1 day, 10 hours. The 60% mark was reached at an interpolated time of 2 days 17 hours. The criterion of ISO 10707 is met therefore.

The OGRE Eviroclean is Biodegradable.

COD Results: 2,550,000 2,630,000 2,340,000      Average: 2,510,000 ug oxygen demand per gram

BOD Results: 1 day 2 days 3 days
0% 27.1% 72.8%
0 22.2 82.9
0 22.2 74.3

By the end of 18 days of degree of degradation (the ratio of BOD to COD) had reached 93.9%. The test was terminated.

In conclusion, Ogre Enviroclean is demonstrated to be biodegradable according to method ISO 10707.


Edward J. Carroll
Laboratory Manager
Joseph H. Pickar
Analytical Chemist


Enviroclean FA is low odor. This virtually odorless gun solvent will not cause the noxious fumes that most conventional firearms cleaners cause. So, the next time you go out hunting, the game will not smell your presence due to the gun solvent remaining on your firearm. A clean firearm is important, so why not use a product that gives you the cleaning power you need, yet is low odor and biodegradable? 

Even with its low odor and volatility, good general ventilation is recommended when using Enviroclean FA.